Agency Partnerships

We manage your campaigns, so you can focus on the creative

Adrun Agency Partnerships

We partner with creative ad agencies that are interested in focusing on the creative elements instead of on running campaigns. We provide deep expertise and proprietary data to create campaigns with a high ROI. It is exceedingly difficult for small digital agencies to provide digital campaigns that produce positive results.

Our managed service enables agencies to focus on what they do best, while providing value on non creative services. Every partnership includes a success manager and an ad manager at no cost.

There are no requirements to become a partner agency, however a minimum monthly ad spend is required based on agency size.

Get in touch to apply to become a partner, and start providing high return campaign management services to your clients.

Partnership Steps

  1. Apply to Join
  2. Get Approved
  3. Brief Us on your first campaign
  4. Sit back and relax

Partner Benefits

  1. Dedicated Ad Manager
  2. Expert targeting
  3. Transparent Reports
  4. High ROI Campaigns