About Adrun

Advertising Network & Agency
The Unblockable
Ad Network

Our History

The AdRun brand was part of a number of companies since the year 2000. Google tried to acquire Adrun before its Admob acquisition without success. After being part of different organizations across the world, Adrun was purchased and re-launched internationally in 2018. Adrun was relaunched with a focus on providing an adblock resistant advertising network with vertical integrations across multiple mediums and industries.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of advertising to shape society. Gone are the days where print and tv media influenced society with similar values. We aim to create the world's largest advertising network, opening new advertising channels, mediums, and geographical regions. We focus on the utilization of new technologies through heavy investments in R&D to create new and innovative advertising solutions.

Our Values

Our values are a core component of what we do. We believe in total transparency, accountability, and responsibility for everything we do. As an Ad Network, we collect large amounts of data. For all the data that we collect, we are committed to maintaining individual privacy and confidentiality.

We focus on a scientific approach to advertising, utilizing data, science, human psychology, and art to create a unique experience.

6 Pillars of Value

  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Responsibility
  4. Humanity First
  5. Strategic Alignment
  6. Positive Influence

CEO Message

Adrun provides a fantastic platform that enables both startups and large businesses to reach quality publishers in a wide range of formats and mediums.

Our IP enables us to offer unique solutions that are adblock resistant, enabling publishers to recapture lost revenue.