Make money from your website or app
Minimum Visitors
20K / mo

Adrun Publisher Program

Monetize your web and app proprieties with the Adrun Publisher Program. Our program is open to most websites and content types, with very few restrictions on publisher sizes, industry, or content. Our ad solutions are adblock resistant, enabling higher revenues from existing web properties.

We utilize proprietary anti-fraud technologies that enables us to offer monetization to most websites, unlike most other ad networks. This enables us to monetize web proprieties that could not access monetization providers in the past.

Most platforms will have a minimum 20,000 visitors a month requirement, however this is flexible depending on the industry, niche, and target markets.

Get in touch to apply to become a publisher, and start monetizing your website.

Integration Steps

  1. Apply to Join
  2. Get Approved
  3. Add code to website
  4. Profit

Publisher Benefits

  1. Adblock Resistant
  2. Monthly Payments
  3. AI Optimization
  4. Fraud Protection