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Adrun Managed Marketing

AdRun provides tailor made managed marketing solutions to drive sales and brand awareness. Our managed campaigns come with a comprehensive mix of strategy, design, and data. We combine our proprietary big data user profiles with design, user psychology, and self tweaking campaigns.

Our campaigns are results focused. Our focus is to provide the best ROI for your ad spend. We do not focus on vanity metrics such as likes, followers, or reach. We focus on new revenue, growth, brand value, and profitability.

Our managed campaigns are suitable for any industry, as our team created tailor made marketing strategies. Our proprietary industry data enables us to create accurate market segmentation and targeting rules that outperform self managed campaigns.

Get in touch with a customer success specialist today to create your first Adrun managed marketing campaign.

Managed Marketing Benefits

  1. High Return on Investment
  2. Increased Conversion Rates
  3. Advanced Tracking
  4. Detailed Analytics
  5. Strategic Alignment
  6. Lower Ad Rates

Managed Marketing Features

  1. Dedicated Marketing Manager
  2. 24/7 Support
  3. Expert Targeting
  4. Strategic Marketing Plan
  5. Proprietary Targeting Data
  6. Campaign Fraud Protection